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Arous Elbahar is a women center, guiding Jaffa’s Women on their way to financial and social empowerment


  • Meet our volunteer at the Legal Empowerment Programme

    Our volunteer Adv. Yaar Dagan Peretz co-facilitates, with Zahieh Koundos, our Legal Empowerment Programme. Our Legal Empowerment Programme provides legal counseling to Yaffa's women. We offer a wide range of practical legal tools to protect and promote their fundamental rights. As an organization of women, our programme naturally focuses on supporting them, and by our work we empower their families and children as well. We address the complex legal situation of Arab women who encounter a troubling reality of double-discrimination, oppression and marginalization. We offer a range of necessary legal skill sets in order to deal with various common legal issues in areas such as: marital law, alimony, child support, custody disputes, social security, health, unemployment, labor law, disability, old age, domestic violence, debts, leans, executions, foreclose, protected housing rights and rental discounts, disputes between neighbors at condominium, city taxes, and more. * Yaar is a human rights advocate and a Ph.D. candidate at Exeter University, UK. His main area of research is International Humanitarian Law in the Middle East. He is a Lecturer at the Academic Center of Law and Science and an active member of the Israeli Bar Association. "I decided to study law in order to fight the inherent inequality in my society. Navigating life through a sea of discriminative policies is an everyday battle, against all odds. Volunteering in the programme allows me to join forces with Arous Elbahar in order to challenge this troubling reality – the injustice that women in Yaffa are facing on a daily basis. It is encouraging to witness their motivation to acquire new legal tools in order to take action and fight for their rights. The optimism, strength and creativity of these women is a source for endless inspiration." unnamed

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