Arab and Jewish Women’s Group

This is a group of 27 Arab and Jewish women from Jaffa that meets once a month—getting to know each other, and cooperating in a friendly environment that allows for individual and communal empowerment. This group is currently in its third year of operation, and is focused on the process of creating change in the community of Jaffa. This project is a joint effort with JCJCR, which specializes in group dialogue for Arab and Jewish women. In light of this initiative’s success, another group of Arab and Jewish women was founded at the end of 2014.


Project Mehamemet

Project Mehamemet (Girls Leading in Engineering, Science, Mathematics and Technology) with a focus on computer science, focuses on seventh grade girls. This group meets each week for a total of 15 weeks. The goal of the project is to encourage girls to engage in the study of computer science by independently developing computer applications and strengthening their personal competence in computer science.

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Women 20+ Club

This is a group for women aged 20 and up, most of them working mothers that had employment training at the organization and then joined the job market. The women meet once every two weeks on Fridays, and encounter lectures and workshops on topics related to women’s rights, worker’s rights, women’s health, financial management, the challenges of the job market, and more. Additionally, the participants have the opportunity to share and consult with the facilitators and the rest of the group about dilemmas and obstacles they face in their lives and in the workplace.

Teenagers’ Group: Empowerment through Language

This is a group of high school girls, 16 in total, that meets once a week for three hour sessions. The group is focused on personal and communal empowerment, with the secondary goal of learning English. In the first portion of each meeting, the group is divided into two according to their proficiency levels and participants receive English tutoring. In the second half of each meeting, the girls work on individual and group empowerment through combining relevant activities and speaking English.