Advancement of Women in Business: Designers’ Crafts Fair

We will be sponsoring a crafts fair endorsing several Jaffa-based Arab and Jewish female designers, artists, and small business owners.  Fairs like this one provide these women with an opportunity to promote their businesses, direct sales, and initial market exposure.

Advising Center for Women

The center provides advice on employment, professional/vocational training, education, job placement, and counsel for women entrepreneurs who want to start their own small businesses. In 2015, the center expanded to address other personal and financial problems that women face in the labor market, which make it difficult for them to advance and become promoted: housing issues, lack of rights (in relation to health insurance, public institutions, or the workplace), parenting, marital problems, and more.

The center is open for women who come in and turn to us for individual treatment. Part of the guidance we provide is to refer them internally to our programs, supporting them, and following up with them as we stay connected.

Shutafot Coalition

Arous ElBahr is a member in a coalition of women’s organizations called “Shutafot” (Partnership) together with Achoti, Itach-Maaki, The Economic Empowerment for Women Organization, Adva Center, Women’s Spirit, Women’s Network, and Woman’s Voice. The Shutafot Coalition is an initiative to promote cooperation between women’s organizations working together to advance equality and justice for women in all sectors and fields. It works in the public sphere and in the media to combat discrimination and exclusion of women from the economy and employment, contributes to movements to reduce gender gaps in Israeli society, and supports spaces and activities that affect change for women.

The partner organizations in the coalition work together to develop economic and employment policies that allow for equal opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds and identities. The goal is to combine our resources in order to promote and build a safe, fair, and democratic society for all.

Financial Education for teenagers

In order to extend our impact for the long term, we have a programme of assimilating financial education for young women, in cooperation with schools in Jaffa. The workshops include  subjects related to personal empowerment, gender related issues, feminist leadership, and instruction in financial tools – all of which will contribute to self empowerment, and to a better management of their finances.

Applications Development Course

Our applications development course aims to provide underprivileged populations access to technology in a supportive and empowering environment. It is a programme for women aged 18-35 who are interested in acquiring advanced knowledge in computers. The course is in cooperation with Machshave Tova, and subsidized by Google.