Interview of the week: Ghada

Today’s success story comes from Ghada Shurafi, a 36-year-old woman from Jaffa with four children:

“When I was younger, I had a lot of difficulties in life. I got married before finishing high school, and I didn’t have the training to find a job other than housecleaning or other basic work. I had low self-esteem. I started participating in Arous ElBahr’s programs by coming to lectures. I attended skill-building workshops on the labor market, job hunting skills, women’s health, parenting skills, and child psychology. I also came to a women’s support group on how to find work and the challenges of being a working mother.

I also received coaching from Zahie, a staff member at Arous ElBahr. She introduced me to Ora Belaha, the manager of a mixed Arab-Jewish nursery (Bustan Yaffa). I started working as an assistant at the nursery. Ora continued my training by teaching me how to educate.

It was hard for my husband when I started working. He worried that I wouldn’t be able to balance my time between my responsibilities at home and at work. Eventually, though, he got used to the idea and saw that it would not be a problem.

I am grateful to God for giving me strength, my husband for supporting me, and my mother for helping watch my children so that I could pursue my goals.”

More information on Bustan Yaffa nursery and its parent organization, The Orchard of Abraham’s Children.


אורה בלחה December 1, 2014 ב-16:53 / Reply

ראדה היא דוגמא חיה למי שיש לה כוח רצון לשינוי והתפתחות ואת
ההבנה שאת בכוחות עצמך יכולה ומסוגלת לחולל שינוי לטובה בחייך
יישר כוח והמון אהבה

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