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Novell 050-730 Exam - Certified NetIQ Identity Manager Administrator

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Questions & Answers for Novell 050-730

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Question #1

Which of the following can create teams? (Choose 3.)

A. Team Manager

B. Role Administrator

C. Security Administrator

D. Provisioning Manager

E. Resource Administrator

F. Compliance Administrator

Question #2

What is the naming convention for a Global Configuration Value (GCV)?

A. <name>.<group>.[<subgroup>.][<purpose/scope>]

B. <group>.[<subgroup>.][<purpose/scope>.]<name>

C. <group>.[<subgroup>.]<name>.[<purpose/scope>]

D. [<purpose/scope>.]<group>.[<subgroup>.]<name>

E. <name>.[<purpose/scope>.][<subgroup>.]<group>

Question #3

What are benefits of using Policy Builder? (Choose 2.)

A. It is built on open standards.

B. It enforces password complexity.

C. It is a GUI with command line capabilities.

D. It minimizes the need for XLST stylesheets.

E. It provides a graphical interface to help data cleansing.

F. It provides a graphical interface for rapid development of policies.

Question #4

Which statement is true regarding regular expressions?

A. Must be case sensitive

B. Can match entire string

C. Cannot use wildcard characters

D. Cannot be changed by escape characters

Question #5

If you map the eDirectory attribute of Login Expiration Time to the Active Directory attribute
of accountExpires, when does the account in Active Directory expire?

A. A day later than the time set in eDirectory

B. A day earlier than the time set in eDirectory

C. An hour later than the time set in eDirectory

D. At the same time as the time set in eDirectory

E. An hour earlier than the time set in eDirectory

Question #6

What is a purpose of the DAL (Directory Abstraction Layer)?

A. To process work flows

B. To grant/revoke entitlements

C. To store entities attribute data for use in work flows

D. To provide a customized view of objects and their attributes that are stored in the Identity Vault

Question #7

When using Designer, what you can import at the Driver level?

A. Policies only

B. Channels and policies only

C. Driver sets and drivers only

D. A project from an Identity Vault

E. Driver sets, drivers, channels, and policies only

Question #8

Using regular expressions, which will the following expression match? (Choose 2.)

A. of

B. off

C. often

D. offset

E. offers

Question #9

Which statements are true about Provisioning Request Definitions? (Choose 2.)

A. They are used to launch attestation workflows.

B. They are used to grant or revoke corporate roles.

C. They are used to provide policy rules.

D. They are used to filter requests at the driver level.

E. They are used to define Global Configuration Values.

Question #10

When you start Designer for the first time or start Designer without a project listed, which
should you first do?

A. Make sure that the Debug perspective is selected.

B. Make sure that the Plug-in perspective is selected.

C. Make sure that the Designer perspective is selected.

D. Make sure that the Java/Java Browsing perspective is selected.

E. Make sure that the Java Type Hierarchy perspective is selected.

Question #11

When an XML document has an input tag type, which are supported inputs? (Choose 4.)

A. <add>

B. <copy>

C. <find>

D. <delete>

E. <format>

F. <modify>

G. <rename>

Question #12

Which application is used to map authorizations to Identity Vault Roles?

A. iFilter

B. iManager

C. Designer

D. User Applications

E. Role Mapping Administrator

Question #13

Which connected systems support bidirectional password synchronization? (Choose 3.)

A. PeopleSoft

B. Lotus Notes

C. JDBC databases


E. Novell eDirectory

F. Microsoft Active Directory

G. Network Information Services (NIS)

Question #14

Which domain defines rights to launch attestation requests and view the status of
attestation requests?

A. Role Domain

B. Resource Domain

C. Compliance Domain

D. Provisioning Domain

E. Configuration Domain

Question #15

Only one policy is effective for a user at a time. Novell Modular Authentication Services
(NMAS) determines which policy is effective for a user by looking for policies in the
following order and applying the first one it finds. In which order does NMAS look for
password policies?

A. 1) Partition root container 2) Container 3) Specific user assignment 4) Login Policy Object

B. 1) Specific user assignment 2) Login Policy Object 3) Partition root container 4) Container

C. 1) Login Policy Object 2) Specific user assignment 3) Container 4) Partition root container

D. 1) Specific user assignment 2) Container 3) Partition root container 4) Login Policy Object

E. 1) Login Policy Object 2) Partition root container 3) Container 4) Specific user assignment

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