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VMware 1V0-605 Exam - VMware Certified Associate 6 - Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals

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Questions & Answers for VMware 1V0-605

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Question #1

Which three products have been integrated into VMware Workspace Suite to power virtual
workspaces and combine application and data management on devices? (Choose three.)

A. vRealize Automation

B. AirWatch Mobility

C. VMwute Workspace Portal

D. VMware Horizon (with View)

E. vCenter Server

Question #2

Which two application support issues can be eliminated by using VMware ThinApp
application visualization? (Choose two.)

A. Users need to be given administrative credentials for their PCs in order to install some applications.

B. Applications can make registry or system file changes that conflict with other applications.

C. Users require multiple licenses for applications installed on different systems.

D. Applications require large amounts of redundant disk space when installed in end user PCs.

Question #3

A business has a widely distributed sales force where many users do not live anywhere
near a dedicated office. The business wants to Issue them a laptop and manage the, laptop
Which VMware solution meets this business need?

A. VMware AirWatch

B. VMware Workspace Portal

C. VMware ThinApp

D. VMware Mirage

Question #4

An administrator needs to deliver corporate virtual desktops to end users globally.
Currently, users traveling between branch offices complain or slow access at certain
locations. Which VMware Horizon technology will provide a high quality end user
experience, regardless of the user's location?

A. VMware Horizon Cloud Pod Architecture

B. VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon 6

C. VMware Workspace

D. VMware Blast with HTML Access

Question #5

An application needs to be deployed to corporate employees to assist them with daily
administrative duties. In order to comply with corporate policy, the application needs to be
verified to identify common application risks, such as access to privacy settings and
insecure network connections.
Which VMware AirWatch product provides this capability?

A. App Catalog

B. App Reputation Scanning

C. Mobile device management

D. App Wrapping

Question #6

Which key element of VMware Horizon Desktop as a Service (DaaS) given as an IT
administrator access to an administrative portal from which they can manage the virtual
desktop environment?

A. Security

B. Enterprise Integration

C. Tiered Role Separation

D. User Experience

Question #7

Which technique does VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon 6 use to determine the
upper and lower range of normal behavior for each metric?

A. Pro-Active Smart Alerts

B. Super Metrics

C. Dynamic Thresholding

D. Self Learning Analytics


Question #8

An IT manager is looking for a solution to high maintenance and repair costs in their
organization. Which solution would help reduce these costs?

A. Horizon (with View) Client

B. vRealize Operations for Horizon

C. Thin Clients

D. VMware Mirage


Question #9

An administrator needs to deliver secure virtual desktops with access to IT resources for
offshore contract employees. Since the employees are far from the office, the administrator
must ensure a seamless user experience, as the company will not deploy additional
resources for these users.
Which solution offers the functionality required by the company?

A. VMware vRealize Automation

B. VMware Horizon Desktop as a Service

C. AirWatch Secure Content Locker

D. VMware Horizon (with View)

Question #10

Which type of disk architecture does Virtual SAN leverage?

A. Hierarchical disk architecture

B. Shared disk architecture

C. Parallel disk architecture

D. Hybrid disk architecture


Question #11

You are responsible for providing access to a corporate desktop for selected contractors.
The contractors should be prevented from installing software on their laptops. Which
solution provides the easiest way to meet these requirements?

A. Email the 11 administrator for the contractor's organization and ask them to provide the contractors administrative access so they can install the View client on their laptops.

B. Email the 11 administrator for the contractor's organization and ask them to Install a View client on their laptops.

C. Give each contractor a new desktop machine with restricted rights.

D. Give the contractors access to View desktops that have the HTML Access Feature Pack enabled.


Question #12

What two components must be installed and configured to allow RDS hosts to deliver
application? (Choose two)

A. Windows Remote Desktop Services

B. PCoIP agent

C. Windows Routing and Remote Access Services

D. View Agent

Question #13

A medium sized company manages over 1,000 virtual machines, which are running on six
ESXi hosts in a VMware Horizon 6 infrastructure.
The existing storage array is suffering lion performance and capacity issues. The company
is considering deploying a new storage array, but is concerned about the cost.
Which VMware solution otters a software-defined storage platform that is fully integrated
with vSphere and can be deployed without the need for an external storage array?


B. Fibre Channel over Ethernet

C. Virtual SAN


Question #14

A company is planning to use the Horizon 6 product suite to transform the end user
computing environment in the organization.
Which two statements represent capabilities of the Horizon 6 family of products can help
the company fully transform their environment? (Choose two.)

A. VMware Virtual SAN provides a centralized management console for administrators to manage end user document workspaces.

B. VMware ThinApp is a remote desktop solution that will allow you to move all desktops to central location.

C. VMware Mirage is a centralized desktop image management technology that supports layered image management.

D. VMware Horizon (with View) virtualizes user operating systems, applications and user data.


Question #15

Which two actions can an administrator deploy a ThinApp application to a group of users,
while also providing reporting and license compliance functionality?

A. Deploy the ThinApp application using vmw.iio view Administrator.

B. Deploy the ThinApp application using VMware Workspace Portal

C. Deploy the ThinApp application using Microsoft Group Policies.

D. Deploy the ThinApp application using VMware Update Manager.


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