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Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-085 Exam - Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CAPPS)

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Questions & Answers for Cisco 300-085

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Question #1

What does the Primary Extension column define when importing users?

A. the main extension that callers dial to reach a user

B. the pilot number that is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to access Cisco Unity Express

C. themailbox ID that is assigned by Cisco Unity Express during import

D. the primary extension that is to be used for CFNA and CFB

Question #2

Which parameter must be set for the end user for Jabber for Windows or Mac to register
successfully with Cisco Unified Communications Manager in softphone mode?

A. primary extension

B. group membership

C. subscribe calling search space

D. remote destination profiles

E. device association

Question #3

Which set is a list of valid functions in Cisco TelePresence Management Suite?

A. registration, reporting, provisioning, and remote control

B. reporting, registration, provisioning, and asset management

C. provisioning, reporting, asset management, and call control

D. call control, asset management, reporting, and registration

E. reporting and phonebook

Question #4

To have a Provisioning menu section available on Cisco TelePresence Management Suite,
what must you do?

A. You must configure an active ISDN zone.

B. You must install Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension and activate it on the system.

C. You must license Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Analytics Extension.

D. You must set up Cisco TelePresence deployment to support Cisco CMR Hybrid.

Question #5

When creating new user accounts in Cisco Unity Connection, you want to allow users to
add alternate extensions to access their voicemail. In which area of the menu do you do

A. under the class of service

B. under the class of service membership

C. under the user templates

D. under the contact templates

Question #6

Where in Cisco Unified Communications Manager is BFCP enabled?

A. enterprise phone configuration

B. SIP trunk security profile

C. SIP profile

D. common phone profile

E. common device configuration

Question #7

How are partitions and calling search spaces in CiscoUnity Connection different from
partitions and calling search spaces in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. In Cisco Unity Connection, search spaces do not include partitions.

B. In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions include calling search spaces.

C. In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions and calling search spaces are not used.

D. In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions and calling search spaces function just as they do in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

E. In Cisco Unity Connection, only partitions are used.

Question #8

From which entity does a Cisco Unified Personal Communicator device receive its TFTP
server address when it is integrated with a Cisco Unified Presence Server for failover?

A. Cisco Unified Presence server

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP server

C. Device profile in Cisco Unified Communication Manager

D. Manually created upon installation of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

E. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator does not use TFTP.

Question #9

What are two types of integration between Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco
UnifiedCommunications Manager? (Choose two.)

A. SCCP integration

B. TIMG integration

C. SIP integration

D. PIMG integration

E. H.323 integration

Question #10

Which jabber-config.xml variable do you use to allow remote Jabber users to connect using
Collaboration Edge?

A. <CollaborationEdge<ON>/CollaborationEdge>

B. <RemoteAccess<ON>/RemoteAccess>

C. <RemoteJabber<TRUE>/RemoteJabber>

D. <Expressway>YES</Expressway>

E. <AnyconnectVPN>TRUE</AnyConnectVPN>

Question #11

The administrator of a Cisco Unity Connection system would like to set up a new employee
and assign him a password of 123. The system gives him an error when he attempts to
save theuser. Which two of the following settings sections and features of Cisco Unity
Connection should the administrator change to set up the user? (Choose two.)

A. User Template > Maximum Credential Length

B. Authentication Rules > Minimum Credential Length

C. User Template > Check for Trivial Passwords

D. Restriction Tables > Minimum Credential Length

E. Restriction Tables > Check for Trivial Passwords

F. Authentication Rules > Check for Trivial Passwords

Question #12

Which two options does Cisco Unity Connection use to import users? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Unified Presence Server

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager


D. Cisco TMS

E. LDAP Directory

F. Prime

Question #13

Which threeoptions are used when setting up connectivity between Cisco Unified
Communications Manager and Cisco Presence Server? (Choose three.)

A. SIP trunk

B. conference bridge

C. SIP trunk security profile

D. SIP profile

E. remote destination profile

Question #14

When a user passwordis changed on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express,
how is that change propagated to Cisco Unity Express?

A. The change is automatic; there is no Cisco Unity Express administrator intervention required.

B. The user password in Cisco Unity Expressdoes not need to match the user password in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express because they are separate systems.

C. The Cisco Unity Express administrator needs to change the password and PIN every time a change is made to the user account in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

D. The Cisco Unity Express administrator needs to synchronize the user account in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express by importing the user again.

E. The Cisco Unity Express administrator needs to changethe user password to match the password in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

Question #15

Which CCC action applies only to the Cisco TelePresence MPS Series?

A. block fast update requests

B. Status Duo Video

C. move back

D. release floor

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