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Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-370 Exam - Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Network

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Questions & Answers for Cisco 300-370

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Question #1

A wireless engineer has completed the configuration of a new WLAN on the existing Cisco
wireless infrastructure. During testing he found that the wireless client's authenticate and
received the correct ip address from the switch, but they were not able to access any of the
internal or external resources. Which action will resolve the issue?

A. Configure static ip addresses for the wireless clients.

B. Configure the default-router on the switch DHCP pool.

C. Configure option 82 on the switch DHCP pool.

D. Configure a dns-server on the switch DHCP pool.

Question #2

Which statement about the usage of the debug command in a Cisco Unified Wireless
Network is true?

A. Debug is enabled until manual shut off.

B. Debug is a message logging severity 7.

C. Debug is a restricted command and is not available in the AP CLI.

D. Debug is available on the WLC serial console and web interface.

Question #3

Which statement describes how the Hand Select feature works on the wireless controller?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. The access point uses the load balancing feature to move the clients to 5 Ghz.

B. The access point changes the DTIM period on the 2 4 Ghz band.

C. The access point recommends the band in the association response to the client.

D. The access point ignores and delays the probe request of the client on the 2 4 Ghz.

Question #4

Employees upgraded company issued OS devices. Which are configured to authenticate to
the network using WPA2-Eniefpnse 802 lx with LEAP As a result, the devices are no longer
able to authenticate Which action must the engineer do 10 resolve the issue?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. Redeploy the existing configuration profile.

B. Change LEAP certificate on the ACS server.

C. Reset the network settings on the devices.

D. Rejoin the enterprise network manually.

E. Deploy a new configuration profile with LEAP enabled

Question #5

Access points ate deployed in an office building and users report that the real-time
communications quality of experience is poor when users walk between the elevators The
elevators are a heavy metallic obstacle, and AP 3 was installed to cover the elevator area,
which AP t and AP 2 signal does not reach Communications are captured for a user
walking from point A to point C. and it is observed that the user iPhone device suddenly
scans all bands and then roams from AP I to AP 3 somewhere between points B and C
WLAN is set to 5 GHz only. Open, default rate configuration. Which action improves the
real-time application quality of experience in this area?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. Enable 802 11v on the WLAN

B. Enable 802 11r on the WLAN

C. Enable 802 11k on the WLAN

D. Move AP 2 to point B

Question #6

An engineer is troubleshooting non-802 11 interference and observes this output. Which
type of interference signatures can the engineer identify?
Refer to the exhibit.

A. microwave

B. DECT phone

C. Bluetooth

D. jammer

Question #7

A recently acquired Cisco Aironet 1550 series AP is unable to join the WLC. This message
is observed on the AP console:
AAA Authentication Failure for UserName:CC93.1981.0035 User Type: WLAN USER
Which action must be taken for the AP to associate with the controller?

A. Add MAC address CC93.1981.0035 to the Security AAA AP policy Authorization List.

B. Authenticate the AP to the WLC from the console using an admin account on the WLC.

C. Add MAC address CC93.1981.035 to the Security AAA MAC Filtering tab.

D. Import the self-signed certificate of the AP to the Security:Certificate:LSC tab.

E. Import the self-signed certificate of the AP to the Security:Certificate:SSC tab.

Question #8

Which two statements about the WLAN are true? (Choose two)

Refer to the exhibit.

A. The client has a 5 GHz connection.

B. The client has authenticated.

C. The client is 802.11n capable.

D. The Cisco device is a 3600 series AP.

E. 802 11b data rates are disabled in this WLAN

Question #9

Which visual cue accurately describes a characteristic of the zone of impact displayed in
Cisco Prime Infrastructure?

A. The closer the cirlce is to blue, the more localized the impact is.

B. The smaller the circle, the more localized the impact is.

C. The larger the circle, the more severe the impact is.

D. The more translucent the circle is, the more localized the impact is.

Question #10

When implementing interface groups, how are the IP addresses sourced via DHCP for
wireless clients?

A. through the primary interface of the group

B. through round robin between interfaces

C. through interface group definition

D. through the interface receiving the first response

Question #11

A client is failing EAP authentication and a debug shows that the server is sending an
Access-Reject message. Which action must you take to resolve authentication?

A. Verify that the Validate server certificate on the client is disabled.

B. Verify that the client certificates are from the proper CA and server certificate.

C. Verify that the client server certificate has the proper Windows OlDs.

D. Verify that the user account is the same in the client certificate.

E. Verify that the user is using the same password that is on the server

Question #12

Clients are failing EAP authentication A debug shows that an EAP handshake started and
the clients are then de-authenticated. Which two issues can cause this problem'? (Choose

A. The clients are configured for machine authentication, but the RADIUS server is configured for user authentication.

B. The WLC has not been added to the RADIUS server as a client.

C. The WLC certificate has changed.

D. The shared secret of the WLC and RADIUS server do not match.

E. The WLAN is not configured for the correct EAP supplicant type.

Question #13

Two 5508 Wireless Lan Controllers are managing all Access Points throughout the network
The WLCs are located in different locations to provide geographical redundancy A Mobility
Group has been configured on both WLCs and has a UP status on both Controllers The
APs m location A are statically configured to use Controller A as the Primary and Controller
B as the Secondary If the WLC in location A goes offline, the APs successfully join the
WLC m location B but they do not failover to their Primary configured Controller What
configuration task will fix this issue'

A. Change the AP Failover Priority to critical.

B. Enable AP Fallback globally on the WLC.

C. Configure the WLC in location A as Primary using the CAPWAP AP Controller IP Address command on all the location A Access Points.

D. Use DHCP Option 43 and specify WLC in location A as Primary.

Question #14

An engineer is troubleshooting access point placement issues and suspects that poor
placement is causing connectivity issues When running the show client detail <mac>
command, the engineer notices this output Which option indicates poor access point
Refer to the exhibit.

A. excessive number of bytes sent compared to bytes received

B. high signal-to-noise ratio

C. excessive number of data retries

D. low ratio signal strength indicator

E. duplicate received packets

F. poor statistics for the last 90 seconds

Question #15

A network engineer is troubleshooting why EAP authentication with a client is failing. Which
two commands should be used to resolve the issue? (Choose two)

A. debug dot1x notifications enable

B. debug dot1x events enable

C. debug arp

D. debug aaa detail enable

E. debug aaa events detail enable


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