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IBM C9510-052 Exam - Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4

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Question #1

Which two statements are true about working with client access licenses for CLM? (Choose

A. Licenses must be applied to a user for them to access the application capabilities.

B. Licenses grant automatic access to a project area.

C. Licenses are role-based.

D. A license cannot be manually re-assigned to another user for four hours.

E. A purchased license cannot be added to a server running trial licenses.

Question #2

Which three sources can CLM use for user authentication? (Choose three.)

A. browser


C. Tomcat User Registry

D. non-LDAP external registry services

E. database server

Question #3

Which type of server can act as a floating license server for CLM floating client access

A. any Team Concert (/ccm) server

B. any FlexLM server

C. any CLM application server

D. a database server

E. a Jazz Team Server

Question #4

Which two application servers are supported by the Jazz Team Server? (Choose two.)

A. Apache Tomcat

B. WebSphere Application Server

C. Oracle WebLogic Server

D. Microsoft IIS

E. JBoss

Question #5

Which license type is used to support extended users such as customers, support
personnel, or extended community members who want to modify work items and observe
project progress?

A. Contributor

B. Stakeholder

C. Developer

D. Developer for Workgroups

Question #6

Which statement is true about the Lifecycle Project Administration (LPA) installation?

A. LPA is available only when an LDAP is not being used.

B. LPA is an application and must be registered during CLM setup.

C. LPA is installed only if you activate the LPA license.

D. LPA must be installed on a different server than the Jazz Team Server.

Question #7

Where must client access licenses for CLM be installed?

A. the Jazz Team Server

B. the Eclipse client

C. the Visual Studio client

D. the client web browser

E. the database server

Question #8

What are two reasons that sharing a common Jazz Team Server repository across Jazz
products is recommended? (Choose two.)

A. code development enabled in a shared repository

B. ability to report using Rational Insight

C. common user and license administration

D. reporting through the RRDI reporting server

Question #9

Which license is available in all three CLM products (RTC, RQM, and RRC)?

A. Developer

B. Contributor

C. Stakeholder

D. Analyst

Question #10

What are two characteristics of the Contributor license type in RTC? (Choose two.)

A. full read and write access to Change Management, Report Customization, and Planning

B. read access to Software Configuration Management

C. write access to Automation (Build System) & Requirements Management

D. read and write access to Test Management capabilities

Question #11

Business intelligence and analytics are the cornerstone of the CLM solution. What makes
CLM unique in this area? (Choose three.)

A. Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence (RRDI) is an integrated part of CLM and is not a separate solution or a separate purchase.

B. You can choose to turn on data warehouse and use a more traditional flat file system.

C. The data warehouse, which stores both current and historical data, is at the core of the Jazz Team Server and captures and reports on every transaction.

D. CLM Dashboards can now incorporate any RRDI reports, providing an even richer reporting experience across all of the CLM solutions, including RQM, RTC, and RRC.

Question #12

Which artifact containers are pre-populated with existing artifacts by the sample application
for the "Money that Matters" scenario?

A. Requirements Management, Business Process Management, and Quality Management

B. Quality Management, Change & Configuration Management, and Information Management

C. Change & Configuration Management, Vulnerability Management, and Quality Management

D. Requirements Management, Change & Configuration Management, and Quality Management

Question #13

A project team is using the Scrum process template process lifecycle that comes as a
default process template with Rational Team Concert (RTC). The team is expanded to
include a solution architect to the team, and the development process needs to be changed
so that the architect can review the requirements prior to the commencement of sprint
cycles. What should be done to achieve this using RTC and CLM? (Choose two.)

A. modify the Scrum process template by extending the work item lifecycle to include a new "State" for architecture review

B. modify the Scrum process template by adding a new "Work Area Category" to cover the steps done by the architect

C. configure Rational Software Architect Design Manager to initiate a design review at the start of each sprint

D. modify the Scrum process template by adding a new "Role" for architects

E. modify the Scrum process template by the adding a new "Reviewer Type" to cover the reviews performed by the architect

Question #14

Which sequence represents the flow of steps that developers use to collaborate with regard
to Jazz source control?

A. checkout, checkin, baseline

B. checkin, deliver, accept

C. accept, checkout, deliver

D. rebase, checkout, checkin, deliver

Question #15

When performing a design review in Rational Software Architect Design Manager, a
reviewer can add and associate comments with _____. (Choose three.)

A. any diagrams contained in the solution model

B. any components contained in the solution model

C. related RTC work items reflecting non-functional requirements

D. the work item review/approval lifecycle in place for the project

E. the packages and package hierarchy used in the model

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