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Question #1

A customer is considering moving their NAS data over to Isilon systems. They want to
know what limitations Isilon has regarding snapshot on the directory level.
What explanation can be provided to the customer?

A. Limit of 2048 snapshots per directory

B. No limits on the number of snapshots per directory

C. Limit of 2048 snapshots per cluster but not on the directory level

D. Hard limit of 1024 snapshots per directory

Question #2

A customer has 10 nodes in a cluster using N+2 protection. What is the minimum number
of nodes required to be online and in communication with one another to satisfy quorum?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

Question #3

A customer has eight X400 24GB RAM that supports 400 client connections today The
customer plans to add 400 more clients in the next few months. They are looking at adding
an A-Series node to the cluster to help with client connections.
Before they start adding client connections, what hardware change do you recommend?

A. Add RAM to offset concurrent client connections

B. Add an A100 to offset concurrent client connections

C. Add nodes with SSD to help with connections

D. Add more network switches to increase the number of connections

Question #4

A potential customer has about 540TB of NetApp running in ONTAP 7-Mode. They are
willing to let you gather some workload data. They have LDAP and Active Directory
authentication and primarily Windows Clients. They are very interested in Automated
Tiering and Large Scale Archives. They are not certain about the workflows from the
Marketing Department. The Content Team will only say they need to acquire 300 TB within
90 days. They do not know the average file size or the number of aggregates they are
Which tools would you use to gather information to do your Isilon sizing?

A. MiTrend WPA, Autosupport, and PerfCollect

B. isi status, isi_netlogger, and PerfMon

C. Wireshark, isi statistics, and iostat

D. Isilon Insight IQ, OnCommand Insight, and nfsstat

Question #5

Which Isilon OneFS protection level allows you to withstand two drive failures but no more
than one complete node failure?

A. N+1

B. N+2

C. N+2:1

D. N+3:1

Question #6

A customer has a supported cluster with the maximum protection level. How many
simultaneous node component failures can Isilon OneFS sustain while still allowing full
access to the entire file system and dataset?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Question #7

A customer has 10 files that are each 10 MB in size. They created two clones of each file
on their source cluster. They now want to use SyncIQ to replicate the original files and the
cloned files to a target cluster.
Excluding protection overhead, how much disk space will the files use on the target

A. 100 MB

B. 200 MB

C. 300 MB

D. 600 MB

Question #8

An Isilon cluster component has the following characteristics:
✑ Spans 3 - 40 nodes
✑ Logical grouping of drives
✑ Automatically assigned
✑ Intelligently distributes disks to manage performance
Which cluster component is described?

A. Disk pool

B. Node pool

C. Smart pool

D. SSD pool

Question #9

A customer wants to add Unix users to their cluster, and requires that NFS access be fault-
What would you recommend?

A. Use NFS v4 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Basic

B. Use NFS v4 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Advanced

C. Use NFS v3 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Advanced

D. Use NFS v3 and dynamic IP addressing with SmartConnect Basic

Question #10

Refer to the exhibit.

A large hospital chain has approached you to redesign their storage infrastructure. The
head of IT believes their requirement is for 100 TB of RAW capacity. They want to
consolidate their PACS, file shares and home directories onto one cluster and require very
fast enumeration of the directories. The following are the notes from meetings with the
department heads.
Which is the best cluster configuration that meets the customer's requirements?

A. 4 x X-Series nodes using SynqIQ to 4 x NL-Series nodes

B. 3 x S-Series nodes using SmartPools and 3 x NL-Series nodes for Archive

C. 5 x S-Series nodes

D. 3 x NL-Series nodes using SynqIQ to 3 x NL-Series nodes

Question #11

An Isilon customer created a SyncIQ policy to replicate data from a primary cluster to an
offsite secondary cluster. The primary cluster becomes unavailable, and the customer has
completed a failover onto the secondary cluster.
The primary cluster becomes available again, so the customer would like to fail back data
to the primary cluster. The failback process does not replicate data.
What is the most likely reason the failback policy does not replicate data to the primary

A. Clusters are not sharing an Infiniband switch

B. Secondary cluster has modified files on it

C. Original policy was for synchronization

D. Policy contains a SmartLock directory

Question #12

When using an N+2:1 protection policy on a 7-node Isilon cluster, how much capacity will
be used to store a 510 KiB file?

A. 638 KiB

B. 640 KiB

C. 766 KiB

D. 768 KiB

Question #13

-- Exhibit --
A large manufacturing company is an existing Isilon customer with a cluster consisting of
four NL400 nodes with 4TB drives. The cluster is using N+2:1 protection level and the file
system shows that it is 60% utilized. Home directories and file shares comprise 75% of the
existing content and the remainder is inactive deep archive. The company has 1,000
employees using Windows and Mac clients participating in a single Active Directory (AD)
During a meeting with the CIO and Director of IT you discuss the companys recent
acquisition an engineering firm that specializes in Computer Aided Design (CAD). The
engineering firm has 400 UNIX workstations that produce technical drawings which are
currently stored on another vendors SAN solution. The all UNIX environment uses NIS for
authentication and name resolution. They do not currently use DNS or LDAP. The
engineering company has an oldstorage system that has been experiencing problems and
the CIO would like you to migrate the data onto the Isilon cluster. The CIO would like to
eliminate all tape and recover the data onto disk.
The CIO is concerned about security of the companys intellectual property, especially with
the rapid adoption of mobile devices and external cloud content sharing services such as
DropBox, Egnyte, and SugarSync. They would like to implement an alternative that
provides external file sharing and mobile device synchronization while maintaining security
control over the companys data.
The Director of IT reports that users are storing non-work related content on the Isilon
cluster. They would like to limit the amount of capacity that each user can consume in their
home directory and want to ensure you provide the capability to easily visualize which
users are over their allotment.The companys Windows users currently leverage Windows
Shadow Copy to recover files that have been accidentally deleted. The IT department
wants to ensure that Mac and incoming UNIX clients have the same fu

A. Connect the Tape Library via Fibre Channel to the Isilon cluster and use a third party backup software to initiate an NDMP backup to an accelerator.

B. Implement a Backup Accelerator and use the internal backup software within the Isilon cluster to move data to the tape library.

C. Use a Backup Accelerator with SyncIQ to push the data to the tape library via the Fibre Channel ports on the accelerator.

D. Use a third party backup software and have the Isilon cluster convert the data to LTFS so it can be stored to the tape library.

Question #14

Which type of antivirus scan is unsupported by Isilon OneFS?

A. Individual files

B. Policy scan

C. MultiScan

D. On-access

Question #15

If Dynamic IP Address Allocation is being configured in Isilon SmartConnect, which policy
setting needs to be determined?

A. Rebalance

B. Load Balancing

C. Static

D. Dynamic

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