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EMC E22-265 Dumps

ViPR SRM 3.x Storage Resource Management
ViPR SRM 3.x Storage Resource Management


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Questions & Answers for EMC E22-265

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Question #1 - Topic 1

What are some of the out of the box user views, within the user interface?

A. Scheduled Reports, Operations, Planning, and Report Library

B. Explore, Report Packs, Modules, and Portal

C. Centralized Management, Report Library, Modules, and Planning

D. Scheduled Reports, Centralized Management, Explore, and Operations

Question #2 - Topic 1

What are the supported operating systems for ViPR SRM?

A. Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit

B. Windows 32-bit and Linux 64-bit

C. Windows and Ubuntu

D. Solaris, Windows, and Linux

Question #3 - Topic 1

After ViPR SRM was installed, you noticed that the UI did not display the default reports,
even though the EMC Watch4net Health SolutionPack is installed. What could be causing
this problem?

A. Host Resolution is not configured properly

B. DNS PTR is not configured

C. Default ReportPack is not installed

D. IP address was used to configure the Solution Pack

Question #4 - Topic 1

What is the meaning of an "aggregate" in the context of ViPR SRM?

A. It is a data record summarizing many values.

B. It is a processed value of metrics as they are collected, representing one data point in time.

C. It is a property processed record by the backend used to predict and project missing values in case of a gap.

D. It is a sample of two real time values which are used for calculating the average value.

Question #5 - Topic 1

How many metrics can a Backend support?

A. 1.5 million

B. 1.2 million

C. 1 million

D. 750,000

Question #6 - Topic 1

What is the main reason for using aggregates in VIPR SRM?

A. To improve and optimize report generation and calculation performance.

B. They are suitable for short time range reporting and for trending.

C. To retain values for longer periods of time.

D. To calculate missing metrics in the case of a gap.

Question #7 - Topic 1

While validating the proposed ViPR SRM environment for ViPR SRM implementation, you
discover that Host FQDNs do not resolve and the infrastructure manager verified that DNS
is not used. How should the ViPR SRM software be deployed?

A. Binary deployment with /etc/hosts file populated

B. vApp deployment with /etc/hosts file populated

C. Windows deployment without FQDN

D. UNIX deployment without FQDN

Question #8 - Topic 1

What are the minimum ViPR SRM hosts to be deployed into an enterprise environment, not
including additional Collector Hosts?

A. Frontend, Primary Backend, Additional Backend, and Collector

B. Frontend, Backend, and Collector

C. Frontend/Backend, and Collector

D. AIO (All-In-One)

Question #9 - Topic 1

Which file on is used for installing ViPR SRM 3.5 into a virtual
environment and pre-configures four VMs and five databases?

A. EMC M and R 6.4 vApp Deployment

B. EMC M and R 6.4 Windows 64-bit Setup File

C. EMC M and R 6.4 Appliance and SolutionPack Update for vApp

D. EMC M and R 6.4 Linux 64-bit Setup File

Question #10 - Topic 1

Which VIPR SRM component allows the use of formulas to compute complex KPIs?

A. Web Portal

B. Collector-Manager

C. Metric Database

D. SolutionPacks

Question #11 - Topic 1

Which ViPR SRM report defines service levels based on array model type, disk interface
technology, RAID type, disk size, FAST policy, and also tracks host application Service
A. Capacity Planning
B. Configuration Compliance
C. Impact Analysis
D. Service Assurance

Topic 2, ViPR SRM SolutionPacks

Question #12 - Topic 2

What is the best option available for Brocade discovery using ViPR SRM?

A. Use SMI-S to discover Switch Topology, Performance Metrics, and zoning details

B. Use SNMP to discover Switch Topology and zoning and Performance Metrics through SMI-S

C. Discover Switch Topology through SMI-S and Performance Metrics and zoning through SNMP

D. Simultaneously use SMI-S and SNMP to discover Switch Topology, Performance Metrics, and zoning

Question #13 - Topic 2

Which Frontend module runs the task used to avoid repeated and potentially unnecessary
queries to the databases?

A. APG-Property-Store

B. APG-Diagnostic-Tools

C. APG-Frontend

D. APG-Self_Monitoring_Collector

Question #14 - Topic 2

Refer to the exhibit.

The array summary, Raw Capacity Usage bar graph shows Unusable and Unconfigured
capacity much higher than the configured capacity. What does this indicate?

A. The licensed storage capacity is much lower than the physical storage capacity. This could be a result of short-stroke drive configuration.

B. The licensed storage capacity has been incorrectly applied.

C. The array storage configuration has a misconfigured disk drive setting.

D. The storage manager has decided to only configure a lower percentage of the total storage.

Question #15 - Topic 2

What determines if a CLARiiON array can be discovered by ViPR SRM?

A. Any array with FLARE 30 and later

B. Any array with FLARE 29 and later

C. Any array with FLARE 26 and later

D. All CLARiiON arrays are supported