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Fortinet FCESP Exam - Fortinet Certified Email Security Professional

Questions & Answers for Fortinet FCESP

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Question #1

Which of the following features can be used to expand a single recipient address into a
group of one or many email addresses?

A. User Alias

B. Address Map

C. User Group

D. None of the above

Question #2

A FortiMail unit is installed in Gateway mode and is protecting a single email domain.
Which of the following statements is NOT true in this scenario?

A. An incoming recipient-based policy can be used to apply scanning to email messages destined to the protected domain.

B. The DNS MX record for the protected domain must point to the FortiMail unit FQDN for incoming SMTP email messages to be scanned.

C. The mail server or email clients must use the FortiMail unit as the SMTP relay to enable scanning of outgoing SMTP email messages.

D. An access control list entry must be configured to allow the FortiMail unit to relay incoming traffic to the protected domain.

Question #3

Which of the following statements regarding the FortiMail unit's Greylisting feature is NOT

A. The FortiMail unit tracks the /32 bit host address of the sender.

B. When an email is received from a new sender IP address, envelope sender and envelope recipient addresses, the FortiMail unit will initially send a temporary failure message.

C. After the initial temporary fail message is sent, the message must be retransmitted between the Greylisting period expiry and initial expiry time periods.

D. Pass-through is allowed until the configured TTL expires.

E. An ACL with action Relay bypasses Greylisting.

Question #4

Which of the following DNS records is commonly used to identify where to send mail for a
particular domain name?

A. MX record

B. PTR record

C. A record

D. NS record

Question #5

Which of the following parameters CANNOT be configured using the Quick Start Wizard?

A. protected domains

B. system time

C. operation mode

D. access control rules

E. antispam settings

Question #6

Examining the History Log shown in the exhibit,
***Exhibit is Missing***
determine the best possible explanation for these log entries?

A. Some of the mail message fields were missing -- clear evidence that the mail messages were crafted by Spammers seeking to avoid detection.

B. These sessions were aborted prior to the mail connection being established.

C. The mail traffic was encrypted.

D. Under heavy load, the FortiMail unit may not log all parameters.

Question #7

A System Administrator is concerned by the amount of system resources being used to
store quarantine email messages for non-existent accounts. Which of the following
techniques can be used on a FortiMail unit to free up system resources?

A. Greylist scanning

B. Recipient Address Verification

C. Sender Reputation

D. Automatic Removal of Invalid Quarantine Accounts

Question #8

In the exhibit,
***Exhibit is Missing***
which LDAP attributes contain the email address parameter?

A. ObjectClass

B. proxyAddresses

C. mail

D. none of the above

Question #9

Which SMTP sessions are defined as outgoing?

A. All SMTP sessions received by the FortiMail units

B. SMTP sessions for the protected domain

C. SMTP messages destined for servers that are NOT protected domains

D. All sessions generated from the internal network

Question #10

Which of the following antispam settings allows a FortiMail unit to scan all IP addresses in
the headers of a received message?

A. FortiGuard Antispam scan, Black IP scan

B. Deep header scan, Black IP scan

C. DNSBL scan

D. SURBL scan

Question #11

Which protection profile can be used to protect against Directory Harvest attacks?

A. antispam profile

B. session profile

C. content profile

D. antivirus profile

Question #12

Which of the following statements regarding SMTPs and SMTP over TLS are true?

A. SMTPS connections are initiated on port 465.

B. SMTP over TLS connections are entirely encrypted and initiated on port 465.

C. The command STARTTLS is used to initiate SMTP over TLS.

D. In an SMTPS session, the identities of both sender and receiver are encrypted.

E. In an SMTP over TLS session, the identities of both sender and receiver are encrypted.

Question #13

An administrator of a FortiMail unit operating in Server Mode has been given the
requirement to configure disk quotas for all the users of a specific domain.
How can the administrator achieve this requirement?

A. Define a disk quota value in the User Preferences section.

B. Define a disk quota value in the User section.

C. Define a disk quota value under Protected domain > Advanced.

D. Define a disk quota value in a Resource Profile.

Question #14

Which CLI command was used to generate the output shown below:
Version: FortiMail-400B v4.0,build0103,091223 (GA Patch 1)
Virus-DB: 11.551(03/05/2010 01:02)
Serial-Number: FE400B3M09000140
BIOS version: 00010010
Log disk: Capacity 92 GB, Used 32 MB ( 0.04%), Free 92 GB
Mailbox disk: Capacity 371 GB, Used 277 MB ( 0.08%) , Free 370 GB
Hostname: server
Operation Mode: Server
HA configured mode: Off
HA effective mode: Off
Distribution: International
Branch point: 103
System time: Fri Mar 5 15:04:04 2010

A. diag system top

B. get sys performance

C. get sys status

D. diag netlink neighbor list

Question #15

Based upon the exhibit, which of the following statements are true?

A. The FortiMail unit received an encrypted email.

B. The sender of the email is [email protected]

C. The MIME content of the email has been encrypted by the FortiMail unit.

D. The email is incoming.


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