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Magento M70-301 Dumps

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Questions & Answers for Magento M70-301

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Question #1

In layout XML, which of the following action methods would you use to define the block
identifier on a block of type cms/block?

A. <action method="addBlockId">

B. <Action method= “setStaticBlock”>

C. <action method="setBlockName”>

D. <action method="setBlockId">

Question #2

You want to figure out which phtml-files are rendering in the front end. Which developer
tool helps you do that?

A. Profiler

B. Exception.log

C. Block Class Names

D. Template Path Hints

E. System.log

Question #3

You want to add a block to the content of the product detail page, without having to modify
a template.
Which three container blocks are rendered regardless of product type and configuration?
(Choose THREE.)

A. alert.urls



D. .wrapper.bottom





Question #4

In layout XML, which tag attributes are always used when configuring a template block?
(Choose THREE.)

A. as

B. name

C. type

D. value

E. before

F. module

G. template

Question #5

You have added some HTML to a custom template located at
template/mytemplates/custom.phtml. Which code snippet is the correct way to create a
block for custom.phtml in the layout XML?

A. <block type=“core/template” name=“custom” template=“mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>

B. <block type=“core/template” name=“custom” template=“template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>

C. <block type=“custom1’ name=“custom” template=“template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>

D. <block type=“custom” name=“custom” template=“mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>

Question #6

Given the HTML and CSS shown below, which attribute would clear the floated columns if
applied to the grid element?

A. clear:both

B. clear:left

C. display:block

D. display:inline

E. overflow:auto

F. overflow:hidden

Question #7

Which three types of file are contained in the folder "skin/" in Magento? (Choose THREE.)


B. Image

C. JavaScript

D. Layout

E. Template

F. Translate

Question #8

What is the proper layout update handle for adding a CSS file to the product page?

A. <product>

B. <catalog_product>

C. <catalog_product_view>

D. <default>

Question #9

Which XML layout handle is used to assign layout configurations to all pages of a store?

A. All

B. Base

C. Root

D. Every

E. Default

Question #10

Which three of the following action method(s) are valid ways to add custom JavaScript
files? (Choose THREE.)

A. <action method=”addJ”>< xscript>example.js</script></action>

B. <action method=”addScript” ><type>js</type><src>example.js</src></action>

C. <action method="addJs">< type>skin_js</typexname></name></action>

D. <action method=”addltem><type>skin_js</type><name>example-js</namex/action>

E. <action method= “newItem” >< “type>js</type><script>example.js</script></action>

F. <action method=”addScript”><script>example.js</script></action>

G. <action method= “addItem" ><type>js</typexname>example.js</name ></action>

Question #11

You want to add the file “somescript.js” in a template. The JS-file is in the folder “root:
js/lib”. Which piece of code should you use?

A. $this->getItemurl(‘lib/somescript.js’)

B. $this->getskinurl(‘lib/somescript.js’)

C. $this->getJsUrl(‘lib/somescript.js’)

D. $this->getFileurl(‘lib/somescript.js’)

E. $this->getLibUrl(‘lib/somescript.js’)

Question #12

You want to use layout XML to specify the order of child blocks in a structural block. Which
two of the following tag attributes would you use? (Choose TWO.)

A. Behind

B. After

C. Previous

D. Next

E. Before

F. Below

Question #13

You want to load my-file.js only on the exam' CMS page. In native Magento, which two of
the following statements are true? (Choose TWO.)

A. You must create exam.xml and put the appropriate XML inside the <cms_page_exam> layout handle,

B. You must make sure that my-file.js is present in app/design/base/default/cms/exam/.

C. You must add appropriate XML to the CMS Layout-Update-XML textarea of the exam CMS page.

D. You must add <?php echo $this->getChildJs (‘js/my-file.js’); ?> to head.phtml .

E. You must make sure you are not using a layout handle in the Layout-Update-XML textarea of the "exam" CMS page.

Question #14

Which of the following is a native frontend layout handle in Magento?

A. catalog_product_details

B. catalog_category_list

C. checkout_onepage_shippingmethod

D. customer_account_default

E. multiple_addresses_progress

Question #15

You want to add additional XML (Additional XML Declaration) to an existing layout block.
Which is the proper tag for adding it?

A. <reference type=“block”>Additional XML Declaration</ reference>

B. <action method= addNewBlock><block name>Additional XML Declaration <I block name></ action>

C. <reference name=“”>Additional XML Declaration</reference>

D. <method action= “setBlockContent”><xml>Additional XML Declaration</xml></method>