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McAfee MA0-101 Dumps

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Certified McAfee Security Specialist - NSP
Certified McAfee Security Specialist - NSP


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Questions & Answers for McAfee MA0-101

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Question #1

A sensor will redirect the host to which of the following when McAfee NAC reports the Host
status as "unmanaged with an Unknown Health Level"?

A. Guest Client Portal

B. NAC Client Portal

C. Sensor Client Portal

D. DNS Server Portal

Question #2

What is the CLI command that enables the output of the MAC/IP address mapping table to
the sensor debug files?

A. arp spoof status

B. arp spoof enable

C. arp dump

D. arp flush

Question #3

Which of the following commands will reestablish the Alert and packet log channel
connection between the sensor and manager?

A. Connectalertandpktlogchannels

B. Disconnectalertandptologchannels

C. reconnectalertandpktlogchannets

D. deinstall

Question #4

IPS Policies can be enforced at which of the following sensor nodes?

A. Sensor name node only

B. Sensor name and interface node only

C. Sensor sub-interface node only

D. Sensor name, interface and sub-interface node

Question #5

What is the command to force the sensor out of Layer 2 Passthru mode?

A. Layer2 mode off

B. Layer2 mode on

C. Layer2 mode assert

D. Layer2 mode deassert

Question #6

Which of the following CLI commands only removes trust between a sensor and manager?

A. Resetconfig

B. Deletesignatures

C. Factorydefaults

D. Deinstall

Question #7

Where in the Network Security Manager console can you see a hierarchical view of all the
installed applications currently deployed and the resources associated with each?

A. Device List

B. Resource Tree

C. Details Pane

D. System Links

Question #8

Identity Based Access Control cannot co-exist with which mode of NAC deployment on the
same port?

A. DHCP based NAC

B. System Health based NAC

C. L2 & L3 Deployment modes

D. Mixed Deployment modes

Question #9

Which of the following information is unique to Host Intrusion Prevention alerts? (Choose

A. Destination IP

B. User

C. Source IP

D. Agent IP

E. Agent name

Question #10

Which of the following methods are available for upgrading a Sensor image?

A. TFTP and/or through the Manager

B. PUTTY and/or through the Manager

C. Console connection and/or through the Manager

D. TFTP, console connection and/or through the Manager

Question #11

McAfee recommends which of the following methods to cable the heartbeat connection of a
sensor failover pair?

A. direct fiber connection with specified monitoring ports

B. direct copper connection using response ports

C. switched fiber connection

D. direct copper connection using failopen port

Question #12

When creating policies, which of the following rule sets are available for selection within
those policies?

A. Only rule sets created using the Rule Set Editor

B. Only rule sets imported from the Sensor

C. Only rule sets created using the Rule Set Editor and Default rule sets

D. Only Default Rule sets

Question #13

How are packet logs viewed from within the Manager?

A. Push the packet log to the Sensor and open it from there

B. Packet logs cannot be viewed from within the Manager

C. Save and export the Packet log in order to open it

D. Set the log to be viewable with Wireshark/Ethereal

Question #14

The Network Security Manager provides the following built-in Network Access Zones.
(Choose three)

A. Allow DNS Access

B. Allow Full Access

C. Public Network Only

D. Allow DHCP Access

E. Allow Intranet Access

Question #15

Which command is used to manually download signature tiles from the tftpserver when
connectivity to the Manager is not available?

A. Loadimage WORD

B. Loadconfig WORD

C. Loadconfiguration WORD

D. Loadsigset WORD