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Questions & Answers for PMI PMI-ACP

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Question #1

When is the ideal time to hold a retrospective?

A. Right after iteration planning

B. Just before iteration planning

C. At the start of the next release

D. During the iteration review/demo

Question #2

An Agile team best ensures product quality through:

A. The development team’s use of pair programming.

B. Quality assurance’s daily collaboration with the development team.

C. More frequent inspection after each iteration.

D. Feedback gathered during iteration retrospectives.

Question #3

A technique showing Kanban work stages by comparing counted features over a time
interval is called a/an:

A. Earned value system.

B. Fully integrated backlog.

C. Cumulative flow diagram.

D. Progressive elaboration.

Question #4

The key elements of a user story in Agile development are:

A. a written description, the story points estimate, and the planned release.

B. conversations about the story, a written description, and success criteria about the story.

C. the story points estimate, conversations about the story, and an agreed priority.

D. tests to determine when the story is done, a written description, and the planned release.

Question #5

The team estimation game method mainly consists of a:

A. Pile of cards with user, capability, and value to be prioritized by the project team.

B. Spreadsheet with backlog issues to be prioritized and each to be given a prioritizationnumber.

C. White board session where iterations are estimated and related to the project road map.

D. Brainstorm session where resources are related to prioritized work packages.

Question #6

How is the participatory design process characterized?

A. A well-planned and well-documented process is documented for each of the iterations in the project.

B. Users including project team members participate in the planning process for the project plan.

C. End users participate and assist in the design process from the beginning of the project.

D. A high level brainstorming process is conducted for the project team and the project sponsor.

Question #7

When moving to Agile project management, a key factor for the project managers success
will be:

A. shifting from a controlling mindset to a facilitating mindset

B. directing the work in a more incremental fashion

C. only assigning tasks for the nextiteration

D. giving up control and rotating management through the team

Question #8

The best reason for extreme character personas in writing user stories is to:

A. Identify errors in product design and testing.

B. Help identify user stories that would otherwise be missed.

C. Provide precision to support vague user concepts.

D. Provide value to the Sprint planning session.

Question #9

When estimating initial velocity, the team should most likely:

A. Discuss among the team their expectations of how many story points they can address.

B. Use a Kanban workflow to identify steps and calculate velocity.

C. Use velocity of past iterations or make a calculated guess.

D. Discuss with the customer their expectation for the velocity of producing the product.

Question #10

Who is responsible for determining the business value of each feature?

A. Product Owner

B. Steering committee

C. ScrumMaster

D. Team

Question #11

Project managers use velocity to determine:

A. If the team is committing to an appropriate amount of work for the iteration.

B. How much work each team member is capable of completing during an iteration.

C. How much work teams that are similar in size are capable of completing during an iteration.

D. If the Product Owner is prioritizing work appropriately in preparation for iteration planning.

Question #12

Which of the following best represents both a principle of the Agile manifesto and a Lean
method of simplicity?

A. Maximizing the amount of work not done

B. Delivering early and continuously

C. Welcoming changing requirements

D. Deciding at the last responsible moment

Question #13

When interacting with team members, the Agile project manager should:

A. Ask team members to do things by phrasing the statement as a request rather than as a demand.

B. Ignore team member input and emotions when important decisions have to be made.

C. Proceed cautiously when requesting team members to do something likely to make them unhappy.

D. Disagree with the team based on the merit of the issue without considering how the team is feeling.

Question #14

Applying the Pareto rule when prioritizing the Product Backlog means that:

A. features that are lower priority are more likely to slip to the next iteration.

B. the value of a feature is not realized until the feature is complete.

C. more recent requests are usually more important to the business.

D. a small percentage of the work will provide a large percentage of the value.

Question #15

The advantage of face-to-face collaboration emphasized in eXtreme Programming (XP) is
that it:

A. allows team members to use common language in their design and code.

B. delays feedback much more than scheduled inspections.

C. eliminates communication delays and misunderstandings.

D. allows team members to correct some mistakes on the fly.

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  • PMI-ACP Questions & Answers

    Premium File

    717 Questions & Answers
    Last Update: Jul 8, 2020

  • PMI-ACP Training Course

    Training Course

    68 Lectures

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    Study Guide

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