70-411 question 46 discussion


You manage a server that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. The server has the Windows
Deployment Services server role installed.
You have a desktop computer that has the following configuration:
✑ Computer name: Computer1
✑ Operating system: Windows 8
✑ MAC address: 20-CF-30-65-D0-87
✑ GUID: 979708BF-C04B-4525-9FE0-C4150BB6C618
You need to configure a pre-staged device for Computer1 in the Windows Deployment
Services console.
Which two values should you assign to the device ID? (Each correct answer presents a
complete solution. Choose two.)

  • A. 20CF3065D08700000000000000000000
  • B. 979708BFC04B45259FE0C4150BB6C618
  • C. 979708BF-C04B-452S-9FE0-C4150BB6C618
  • D. 0000000000000000000020CF306SD087
  • E. 00000000-0000-0000-0000-C41S0BB6C618
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This is the same as the earlier PXE question. The MAC address needs the leading 20 zeros so the system knows it's a MAC and not a GUID.