220-901 question 75 discussion


Ann, a local librarian, has had a previously used wireless access point donated to her. She
has instructed you to configure this new wireless access point for her public library. Ann
plans to allow anyone to connect to the access point without having to ask her
configuration information. Additionally, Ann knows that her neighbors have wireless
networks and wants to ensure that her network does not interfered with the other networks.
Ann has provided you with the following information.
Wireless Name: Library
New Router Password: SecureSI
Instructions: Select the Public Library in the diagram to configure the wireless network.
Once the wireless network tabs are configured, select the save button. When you have
completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit.

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So from my understanding I change the MArketing to Wireless Name: Library and then the last page add this New Router Password: SecureSI and then click save so everything remains the same all i need to do is add two things?

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change name to library. change the channel to anything except 6, 3, 5 because of the other networks. disable the wep. turn off the mac filtering. put the password as securesl


dont u think need to change wireless channel to no 11 aswell ?


You would want to turn off the MAC filtering, as well. This is meant to be a public Wifi, the MAC filtering would prevent people from being able to connect.


Where can i Find the right answer?


Correct answer was posted by [email protected]


Change the SSID = Library, Disable the WEP, Changed the channel to 11, Uncheck "Disable SSID Broadcast", Turn off Mac Filtering, Set the password SecureSl (case sensitive).


Can anyone explain this Channel thing? why 11?


Ideally, you would want to choose a channel doesn't overlap with the others, so the preference is either channel 1, 6, or 11. You wouldn't 1 because it overlaps with channel 3, or 6 because there is a neighbor on channel 6, so 11 is the best choice while it is the channel with the least amount of overlap.


It's a bit confusing... But, after reading the comments (and If I've understood) the answer should look like this in the diagram (to provide it to Ann) :- Wireless Network Name:Library Security Mode: No WEP Wireless Channel: 11 Please correct me if it's wrongly written...


Mfahdjalil Is ABSOLUTELY Right one EVERY-STEP! No if an's or but's ABOUT IT! Some of the other ANSWERS left out some of the VALUABLE steps like unchecking "Disabling SSID Broadcast" if you do not uncheck that NO ONE WILL SEE THE NETWORK "Library" and the rest of the OTHER steps would be for nothing.


I understand the answer, however this question (simulation) is a tad confusing on exam-labs.


SSID - Library Wireless Channel - 11 Enable SSID Broadcast Disable WEP Disable MAC Filtering Change Password - SecureSI Verify Password - SecureSI


1st Panel 1) Change Wireless Network Name to Library 2) Change Wireless Channel to 11 (or any other number except 6, 3, & 5) 3) uncheck Disable SSID Broadcast 4) Change Security Mode to none 2nd Panel 5) Uncheck MAC Filtering 3rd Panel 6)Input admin password to SecureSI


Where can we find these exam lab simulations for practice? Any help?


Where is "the explanation" referred to in the answer given above? Also please clarify how many neighbor Ann has? Looking at the diagram, I think Ann is in the middle and so has only two neighbors.




I passed the test today and this was on it! Thanks Exam-Labs!