N10-006 question 1103 discussion


GigSwitch1 is currently configured with a speed of 100 and Duplex is set to Auto on all
interfaces. Interface 2 will be connected to GigSwitch2 which is used for all departments.
Interface 1 will be used for HR traffic only.
GigSwitch1 needs to be configured with the following parameters:
Configure the necessary protocol to prevent switching loops
Configure GigSwitch1 with a /24 IP address for management
Traffic across Interface 1 needs to be forced to accept and receive up to 100Mbps data at
the same time
Traffic across Interface 2 needs to be forced to use Gigabit speeds and maximum
Drag and drop the appropriate configurations to their corresponding requirements. All
placeholders must be filled. Not all configurations will be used.

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Why is the global switch configured with and not


Must be a mistake. Can someone clarify?


I agree. /24 confused with .240 I think


Guess they wanted to see if anyone noticed. But I agree it should be I hope it is just a mistake on their part.


/28 not /24 but how ?