Essentials question 1 discussion


In this diagram, which branch office VPN tunnel route must you add on the Site A Firebox
to allow traffic between devices on the trusted network at Site A and the trusted network at
site B? (Select one.)

  • A. Local: <--> Remote:
  • B. Local: <--> Remote:
  • C. Local: <--> Remote:
  • D. Local: <--> Remote:
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I think is D, C answer is an IP address no an ip route


Is D the correct answer?


Anyone can confirm does the braindump still valid?


just finished the exam today, the dump still valid, pass 85%, there are 11 new questions, most of them are T/F questions and the answers are most T, only 1 choose F.


Hi, did you read the fireware essentials student guide? have you checked the questions on there , is it the same with the T/F questions?


The question reads that traffic is allowed between device"s", so the answer would have to be "D".


I took the test today. I passed with 81% - most of these questions were on there.