PMP question 45 discussion


Project managers who lead by example and follow through on the commitments they make
demonstrate the key interpersonal skill of:

  • A. influencing
  • B. leadership
  • C. motivation
  • D. coaching
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i believe answer should be B. Influencing is about understanding, modifying, and changing the expectations and engagement of stakeholders.

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I though B originally but when thinking about it Project Managers are leaders and don't always 'go the extra mile'. The question suggests that they go above and beyond so influencer can be the only one in the context of the answer


I think there is nothing in the question that suggesting "going above and beyond". Also the word "they" here means the project manager himself or the team ? ( I would think "the team"). So, the question essentially should ne read as " the project managers who lead (the team) by example and follow though on their (the teams) commitments demonstrate the key interpersonal skill of: ". In that case I guess the answer should be B.


X3.5 Influencing Influencing is a strategy of sharing power and relying on interpersonal skills to get others to cooperate towards common goals. Using the following guidelines can influence team members: • Lead by example, and follow through with commitments. • Clarify how a decision will be made. • Use a flexible interpersonal style and adjust the style to the audience.