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WRONG! Penitum 4 cannot be used in an LGA1156 motherboard. You would be hard pressed to find a 1TB IDE HDD. There are no 8-cores 4 GHz processor that use the LGA1156 socket.


IMO, 8Core 4GHz should be with Virtualization PC, because we need more CPU and RAM resources for Virtualization.


so is the answer right or wrong?


its right, just ignore that person


@Mfahadjalil The 8 cores CPU's available for that Mini ITX motherboard under the Virtual PC are AMD CPU's and that is an LGA socket which means it only accepts Intel CPU's. That LGA motherboard will not accept the 8 core CPU unless it is an AMD socket. Yes, I agree more CPU power and RAM power for virtual PC. However, with what is given to us there is no 8 core CPU available for that Intel socket.


@Avelez87 Excellent attention to details man! Thank!!


So instead of using Video on our CAD system ... we're just going to add more ram ...???


Its kind of a poorly written question but 8gb Gddr5 is actually video card ram GDDR5 is specific to video cards. Basically you are giving it a high end video card but you are identifying its high end by the amount of VRAM aka Video RAM

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any idea why under specialized option for Virtualization PC is Pentium 4? Is it because there are 2 CPU on the motherboard? Thanks for the help.


Drawing Pad is for CAD for sure, the TV turner card is for the Audio Video Editing PC, so the Pentium 4 option will be left for the Virtualization PC.


It's meant to be HAV not pentium 4, I double checked with my tutor and he confirmed it should be HAV. It's a great site for questions but unfortunately the answers don't seem to be proof read.


Do not understand why CAD gets the biggest HDD, Audio and Video editing PC needs a bigger HDD than VPC, right? Can someone explain?


CAD is a 2d or 3d creation software, basically CAD files are much bigger than standard video files. The reason its bigger than the virtualization HDD is because unless you are running a FTP server or you are using the virtualization PC for actual file storage it does not take a bunch of HDD space to run a Server. So basically CAD gets the biggest because the files for CAD are really big and a Virtualization PC only needs enough space for the operating systems being virtualized which is going to be under 60gb per operating system.