220-902 question 228 discussion


A customer reports that a smartphone is experiencing a very short battery life. The user
has been using this phone for a short time and has installed several apps recently. Which
of the following might be the cause of the issue?

  • A. Slow data speeds
  • B. Defective SD card
  • C. Unauthorized root access
  • D. Signal drop or weak signal
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can someone explain this to me? and thank you

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No, but the other answers are incorrect, so by default, I chose C.


D could be correct and is a much more common problem. The phone constantly trying to connect to a tower when no signal is available ("signal drop") runs down the battery very quickly.


There's another question here that is much the same where the answer is weak signal. the key here is "has installed several apps recently"


The "several apps" could just as well have been a red herring...the textbook answer is usually D


There are applications that have root access, these applications do nothing but run tasks in the background as some of them run in admin mode, so even though the user has idle time, in which he does not uses his phone, the root applications are still sucking on the battery as they are working in the background. Root applications are still considered as the phone is rooted. Even if the user has not officially rooted the phone.


I would say that when the Apps were installed that some form of malware was downloaded into the root of the OS and has taken control over the system, now it has control of the system.


I suppose that's why it's good to go through these questions through exam-labs first.


Yeah, the installed several apps recently part is the clue.


to me signal drop seem like a rural problem doesn't happen a lot in the city.


D could be another right answer only if it was mentioned that where the mobile device is being used such as a basement or something like that. Therefore, C is the correct answer.


People keep saying the key to this question is "installed several apps recently part is the clue" honestly I say the real key is the user has been using the phone for a short time is the key because people are ignorant theres a higher chance user just doesn't know what average battery life is on the phone so that is crap she can't compare battery life before the apps were installed because she just got the phone a short time ago regardless the apps causing the issue is mute because she can't compare before and after the apps being installed to actually say that is the likely cause D is by far a wayyyyyy more correct answer glad I have exam labs to review stupid answers CompTIA will have that doesn't make any sense.