220-901 question 187 discussion


A laptop logon screen can barely be seen, despite adjusting the displays brightness
setting. Which of the following display components is defective?

  • A. Backlight
  • B. Digitizer
  • C. Inverter
  • D. Polarizer
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A bad inverter can also cause this?




I think the answer is c cause the defective backlight will show nothing


Can the mod address this direction?


The Inverter converts DC to AC, which is necessary to power the Backlight(s). If there is an issue with the inverter, then no power will reach the backlight and it will be pitch black. However, the question mentions that the "the screen can barely be seen", signaling that the inverters are OK and points to an issue with the backlight. Backlights can also die over a long period of time.