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Which of the following firewall rules will block destination telnet traffic to any host with the
source IP address

  • A. Deny any source host on source port 23 to destination any
  • B. Deny any source network to destination any on port 23
  • C. Deny source host 1.1.12 on source port 23 to destination any
  • D. Deny any source network with source port 23 to destination any
Created 9 months, 3 weeks ago by Brachinus


Pretty sure A would work as well.

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no, it won't. You are not specifying which addresses are being blocked. as result, the entire organization or network won't have any connectivity over telnet


Initially I thought it was A as well but if you think about the question, it specifically says about the host of; hence, if you block port 23, it would block "ALL" hosts from Telnet communication.