N10-006 question 1116 discussion


A network technician is troubleshooting a problem at a remote site. It has been determined
that the connection from router A to router B is down. The technician at the remote site re-
terminates the CAT5 cable that connects the two routers as a straight through cable. The
cable is then tested and is plugged into the correct interface. Which of the following would
be the result of this action?

  • A. The normal amount of errors and the connection problem has been resolved.
  • B. The interface status will indicate that the port is administratively down.
  • C. The traffic will flow, but with excessive errors.
  • D. The interface status will show line protocol down.
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Explanation? Is this because of a straight-through cable? Should be a cross over one? Bu what about the negotiation that is the standard today, so no matter the cable?

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yes. Like devices cannot connect with a straight through cable. it will show the interface as down.