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Your network contains four Network Policy Server (NPS) servers named Server1, Server2,
Servers, and Server4.
Server1 is configured as a RADIUS proxy that forwards connection requests to a remote
RADIUS server group named Group1.
You need to ensure that Server2 and Server3 receive connection requests. Server4 must
only receive connection requests if both Server2 and Server3 are unavailable.
How should you configure Group1?

  • A. Change the Weight of Server4 to 10.
  • B. Change the Weight of Server2 and Server3 to 10.
  • C. Change the Priority of Server2 and Server3 to 10.
  • D. Change the Priority of Server4 to 10.
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What is default priority of the NPS server - 1? So u need decrease priority on the server4.


This is a little confusing because priorities work in different ways depending on the technology. For instance, if you have a WDS server with several images, the priority 10 is considered the highest https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj648426(v=ws.11).aspx, however, in NPS, the number 10 is considered a very low priority. Since you want server 4 to receive only connection requests if server2 and server3 do not respond, then you have to assign server4 a very low priority like 10, and assign server2 and server3 a high priority like 1, 2 or 3