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A technician has verified that Joe, a user, has a malware infection on his desktop. Drag
and drop the following malware remediation techniques in the correct order Joe should
follow to alleviate this issue.

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Knowing the theory behind how things are set-up, whether it is the OSI model or security theory, creates a natural system for logical troubleshooting. Remember the steps and principles on how you would quickly tackle different situations.


1. quarantine system, 2.disable system restore, 3. Re-mediate system , 4.schedule scans and update, 5.Re-enable system restore, 6.Create a restore point. 7.Educate the user


why do you disable the System Restore?


Because many malware programs are able to write themselves into the system restore.


I guessed Steps 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 right... However, I wanted to know if Step 1 and Step 2 could be interchangeable ?


@808129 Not interchangeable. quarantine is first because if a PC has a worm, it can be spread out through the network.