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Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions



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About Course

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-535 is the updated online video training course designed to equip the learners with the hottest Cloud platform skills and knowledge. This course has been continually improved in order to meet the regularly changing 70-535 topics. The candidates taking this course should always understand the concepts because they are expected to do a certification exam at the end.
The skills that are acquired by taking this course the most in demand based on the recent statistics. The learners should feel privileged to be part and parcel of the participants of this course because of the following reasons:
• According to Microsoft statistics, Azure is used by 85% of the successful 500 companies in the world.
• The Azure platform has grown by 90% every year since its initialization to the Cloud Computing.
• Microsoft has over 100 data centers across 33 regions and 10 geos. This makes it one of the largest data centers globally. As a result, there will be many possible career prospects for the certified professional.

Besides, the learners will be equipped with the most needed skills in the Cloud Computing arena. Upon the completion of this video training course, the learner will be expected to describe the general overview of Azure, implement Azure Virtual networks, Azure VPN and other Azure concepts that are profoundly explained in the training. Finally, the practical sessions that are encompassed in the curriculum outline are duly elaborated by the experienced instructor, Scott Duffy.
Knowledge and skills students develop
• Cloud Computing
• Azure Virtual Networking Techniques
• Traffic Management in a Networked System
• Data Security Mechanism
• OAuth and Open Identity Techniques
• Patch Strategy Techniques
• Data Storage and Maintenance
Requirements for this course
• A student for this course should have a free or paid subscription to the Microsoft Azure platform.
• The learner should have a desire to take part in studying the Microsoft’s constantly growing Cloud Platform.
Examination paper design
• 70-535 exam is a closed-book exam implying that no reference materials are allowed during the exam period.
• It has 60 questions which take the multiple choice format.
• The time that a candidate should take to complete is 2 hours.
• The registration for the exam is done online at a cost of $165.
Audience to target
• The senior technical person who has exposure to the Azure Cloud platform is targeted here.
• Anyone who is interested in passing 70-535 certification exam is also the ideal candidates.
• Technical architects who are interested in learning more about designing the Cloud services.
• Any tutor who would like to learn the most efficient teaching methodology is also welcomed.
Job opportunities
• Cloud Solutions Architect
• Virtualization Engineer
• Web Developer
• Azure Cloud Architect

The salary for the individuals who are certified in using Azure Cloud platform is estimated to be between $116,000 and $150,000 per year.
It is very clear that most of the leading companies in the world have shifted their services to Cloud. This means that the Cloud Computing skills will always be in demand. It is time to take a training and prepare to take the certification exam. Go ahead and get certified as soon as possible!
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