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CompTIA A+ (220-902)



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About Course

TheCompTIA 220-902 course is an entry-level training into the field of PC tech, and learning it is the best and easiest way to become a professional PC tech.It offers a great opportunity for the IT professionals to learn the fundamentals of computer, software, hardware, and networking concerning mobile devices. This tutorial makes the specialists acquire deep knowledge of every single aspect of communication and computing. It is also the best option for the 220-902 exam preparation.

  • Individuals should have the basic knowledge of PCs and networks
  • Students are required to have their own simulators or emulators because they are not provided in the course
  • Candidates should have their own CompTIA 220-902 guide
What will you learn?
  • You will learn all the topics and objectives of the CompTIA 220-902 certification exam
  • You will learn the basics of computers, software, hardware, and networking pertaining to mobile devices
  • You will learn all the aspects of computing and communication

TheCompTIA 220-902 course is designed for those individuals who are looking to have a successful career in the field of Information Technology. It is designed to equip the students with the skills needed for configuring and installing various operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and OS X. Besides, this CompTIA A+ certification training covers operational procedures, cloud computing, and security.

Learning this course is the best way to prepare for the CompTIA 220-902 test, which is one of the two exams that you must pass to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification. This certificate is one of the top-level, highly valued credentials in the IT industry. Taking this course and passing the exam associated with the A+ certification is a great way to prove your skills and knowledge related to networking, software troubleshooting, hardware, and security. This training will teach you every topic, objective, and aspect of the 220-902 exam. After learning this course, passing the test will be just a walk-over. Some topics that this course covers:

  • Setting up, upgrading, and maintaining all of the versions of Windows
  • Configuring and securing of mobile devices
  • Basics of OS X and Linux
  • Understanding the safety and environmental issues
  • Working with virtual technologies
  • Network and PC protection

If you are preparing to work as a PC technician at the entry-level position, then this CompTIA 220-902 course is the perfect training you need. This course is also chosen by the individuals who are already working as PC technicians but still want to improve their skills and knowledge in their career so that they can become the A+ certified professionals. Therefore, this means that when you take this training, you will be able to gain the knowledge needed to obtain a better position in the industry. This CompTIA course will teach you configuration and management regarding Windows. You will also gain knowledge of virtualization and Cloud computing, and how to install Windows operating system and other operating systems and technologies.

Objective domains related to this CompTIA training course include:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Other Operating Systems and Technologies
  • Troubleshooting of Software
  • Operational Procedures
  • Security

For you to join this CompTIA 220-902 training, you are only needed to have the basic knowledge of PCs and networks. Apart from this, there are no any other prerequisites in order to join the course.


The CompTIA 220-902 course is a robust foundation concerning hardware, software, and all the skills related to troubleshooting for building technical knowledge.

Job titles
  • Network Administrator
  • Information Technology Helpdesk Technician
  • Network and Computer Support Technician Instructor
  • Cybersecurity Instructor
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Information Technology Security Specialist
  • Health Information Technician
  • Database Administrator
What will you be able to deal with after completing this course?
  • You will be able to pass the CompTIA 220-902 certification exam with ease
  • You will be able to configure and install Windows, Android, OS X, Linux, and other operating systems
  • You will be able to troubleshoot hardware and software, and provide communication security
  • You will be able to perform the technical tasks of a professional PC tech
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  • luis guerrero

    Nov 5, 2018

very nice web tutotial thanks

  • freeman

    Jan 10, 2019

The course is very informative and is designed in a way that makes the entire learning process more entertaining. It made my learning for the CompTIA 220-902 exam very easy, and I passed it with flying colors.

  • Harley

    Jan 23, 2019

The course brings easy and comprehensive material that is easy to learn and digest. I never thought that learning for getting the CompTIA A+ certification could be this easy. I will forever remain grateful for this course and the instructor.

  • Harper

    Feb 2, 2019

The course is professionally designed and comes with amazing videos, which keeps the learner engaged and entertained as he learns every piece of detailed information about each topic covered. The instructor is friendly and fun to listen to.

  • Ares

    Feb 5, 2019

This course is the ultimate training anyone needs to prepare for the CompTIA 220-902 exam. It comes complete with many videos, written modules, quizzes, and test papers that are designed to equip you with the subject matter in an entertaining manner.

  • Brecken

    Feb 13, 2019

If you asked me to rate every aspect of this course, I would give the videos and the written modules 5 stars. I would also give the instructor an excellent comment for his soft tone and simple use of language in his explanations.

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